Monday, November 2, 2009

its been a long time...

lamanya tak update my blog...tak tau kenapa...fb memang membuat aku leka sampai tak sempat nak update...masa tulis ni aku kat jakarta...for official visits...nearly 15 days out from family and frens..but ada frens jugak masa travelling i as usual akan mengupdatekan my blog lah ek...benda merapu pun takpe kan?

ok that's all for to head back to hotel coz tommorow start work...

njoy ur nite and be gut...


from me

to u luvly people out there :)

Friday, September 11, 2009


tajuuuuk..macam serious je a week ramadhan akan berakhir..and did u noticed..malam tadi..or rather dari semalam siang..keadaan sungguh tenang...malamnya pun begitu...i wonder..hmmm...

like my earlier n3...ingatkan dulu nak update
this blog everyday..tapi tak weekly basis pun not bad kan....kengkawan...ive activated back my facebook..dah lama suspend due to some ...hmmm..not telling u the reason..tapi susah jadi orang glam ni....he he he..kena stalk realkan...

5 minutes to 12 noon...

sebenarnya i was tulising the n3 and stop for a while to do some office work...iya lah kenalah pentingkan kerja opis..dah lah gunakan kemudahan office for personal use ka....he he he...

alamak ada ganguan lah plak....cik pah call...he he he...jap ek..nanti i sambung bailk..but for now i post je lah....

until later...


ok kira tak bz lagi lah....just nak
bagitau that i was so kemaruk fresh orange bulan posa ni..misti pekena segelas lepas first 2 nites to takdak plak fresh orange so im satisfied with 2 glass of teh o ais limau and the nest day to im teh lipton red ke kalau tak silap...and now fresh orange at almost every nite..he he he...

ni dia the fresh orange yang sedaaaap...

and now my task like every petang bila lepaking @ my parent haus..while waiting for breaking fast..aku akan lepak in my "old" room sambil melayan "mukabuku" and di accompany oleh 2 orang anak buah razeen and zahrah..and 4 the past 2 days ni dorang lepak also kat my bilik and tahu tak aopa yang dorang nak tgk....he he he..tengok lah picture kat bawah ni...

ha ha ha...ULTRAMAN!!!! he he he..and thanks to my fren..j...dia bagi nama..ULTRAMAR! ha ha ha..thanks j...siap u nanti kalau i jumpa..i fire u..hiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!! he he he

ok lah..nak balik dah

jumaat sure jam punya..

take care and selamat berbuka luvly people...njoy ur weekend..


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

again...nearly a week w/o n3..

puasa bulan ramadhan al kareem ni..macam macam dogaan...specially dogaan masa kerja..he he he...for the past few days puasa ni..i've been struggling just to keep awake...but i guess i know y..sebab masa weekend..lepas suboh je..sambung tidoq sampai kul 9..mana lah tak terbawa bawa kemengantukan tu on weekdays...

i've got new shoes...well i bought the shoes...after 5 years wearing the same shoes to office...the previous one i had is indeed a very quality shoes...but to get new more about very particular 'bout it...sanggup tunggu bertahun sampai lah jumpa yang berkenan dihati..and i saw this kasut last i think june 09..masa tu takdak sales...and last saturday..went to alamanda...n saw it sold @ half price..last day sales tu...grab and pay..and hari ni..gua pakai kasut baru..he he he..its a gut bargain dari RM580 down to nearly half of that to RM250 camtu...

weekend was with anak hausmate came down for 3 days off and berbuka and bersahur at my flat...dah seminggu berpuasa banyak lah task yang diberi..tolong mak pasang langsir lah..and one or two more chores lah...

alamak! aku tak cat lagi bilik..some portion of the bilik kena cat off white coz ari tu pasang wall paper merah...and too much merah tak lawa weekend ni kena buat lah...

ok lah..dah nak kelik dah..when u dont have tujuan to tulis..ntah hapa hapa yang ditulis..but the point is ..ada jugak aku entry..he he he..

ok lah..

take care luvly people..selamat berbuka puasa...and safe driving home...




Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fasting month...

dah 5 hari puasa dah...i had my 1st 2 days puasa terribly ill...batuk and demam..and mind you 40degrees temperature hari sabtu lepas...end up malam selubung dalam toto..sambil berpeluh im left with batuk...on and off..not only me..ramai lagi orang yang to blame? i guess not..y should we blame to others when i guess we need to take care a little bit of our health kan...

wanted to ambik picture of majlis berbuka puasa at my parent haus..everyday like happening...macam macam peel..yang si kenit zahrah...dia yang paling menghiburkan hati kitorang yang berpuasa ngan gelagat dia..he he he...i will try ambik the picture of berbuka puasa ek..then we can laugh over it...

ok..time to rush home now..lagi 5 menit nak balik..

take care luvly people..

and have a safe journey back for your berbuka puasa...

luv u always


Friday, August 21, 2009

a week without entry

been wanting to update this blog for this week but it seems macam bz...he he now at least ill have some thing and i do it few n3 in one post..ok..


tudung raya...

my ex-office colleague...cik pah...jual tudung..apart from other things like photography...and i brought home...and along bought 2...and we try it dekat zahra...he he he...

lihatlah gambar kat bawah ni ek..

ok..thats all for now..malam nanti i continue...




Thursday, August 13, 2009


i feel a little bit mellow..was browsing the net and found this song..forget 'bout the original video clip...just listen to the song and the inspirational...

Frauenarzt/Manny Marc - Das Geht Ab

anything goes...

wanted to update my blog..but too much work lately...or has it...ha ha ha...end up i asked nazkha to snap some picture of my workstation and he did a wonderful job...and these picture was taken with his ever reliable nokia phone...nice picture aye...

its my writing desk..

side table

ok i will luk for nice music video for u too enjoy...

tchus luvly people

Sunday, August 9, 2009


u know what..i wanted to update this blog malam ni...but then..tetiba malas...that malas thingy feeling tetiba datang...wat else can i say....nothing lah except just shut down the story and go to bed....

gut nite luvly people..

manggisboy is signing off for today

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

those 30 minutes...
i had the best 30 minutes yesterday nite...2 orang anak buah aku..zahrah and razeen came in to my flat...their dad was actually waiting for his wife to habis kelas ( she is doing her Master's kat Uitm ) ..and while waiting for their mom...aku pun ajak lah dua orang kenit ni to my flat...saje je nak balik flat..nak siram bunga he he he...ok je duorang we had gut times..siap nyanyi ntah hapa lagu ntah dalam kereta..zahra ni baru 1 year 3 u can expect what kind of language lah kan...and mohd razeen is 4 years old..banyak cakap..ha ha ha...sound familiar? macam pak ngah dia..

macam macam lah kerenah diorang ni...dengan mohd razeennya nak terkencing lah..and si zahra yang actually first time datang..hmmm..dia tak mandi lagi kat pool @ my flat...maybe next time lah before puasa month..well 'nuff said..just enjoy the picture..i guess picture tells allkan..njoy...

manggisboy is back to work lah :)

take care luvly people


Monday, August 3, 2009


hallo luvly promised here are the picture of a weng with his kerja tangan memasang wallpapaer hari sabtu lepas...

finally...tercapai impian nak pasang is...ermmm...laminated floor he he he..anybody like to sponsor?

wishing you luvly people out there and excellent and wonderful week...

take care and my luv to you luvly people out there :)


Sunday, August 2, 2009

have u ever wanted to be what u really wanted to be?

YESSSS!!!!! if its in the classroom i wud be the first to just scream my heart out and jumping from my chair...he he he...i remember kalau tak salah...masa form 1 ke camtu or maybe form 3...cikgu suruh tulis 3 pekerjaan yang we as a student wanted to be...first..pramugara...second...pengarah filem...and third..i cant remember...he he he...

but i guess ALLAH knows you better than ur ownselfkan..and knowing me..i dont knowlaaaaah..whats going to happen if really one of those become reality...

base the point is..we should b grateful with what you have or what we are doing now...we can't get anything we wantkan? otherwise life wud be not as fantastic as what you have been going throughkan...u have bad moment..and good ones too...but i guess either way...u urself have to make it interesting and fun...

s for me ..i try to do much as i can...and having faith..and good frens u can count on..will add to the happiness...

i have to sign off watching
100 harijadi @ astro ria..something different from the ordinary drama on thing i can figure out from this drama...people tend to change be it bad or gut but as long as you respect other people...that will make you stand out from the rest...

i luv you luvly people...

njoy the link for 100 harijadi...and the music video below..

tchus...manggisboy is lepaking kat langat...


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sportfreunde Stiller - Ein Kompliment

it has finally came.....

finally..a week of waiting have 10.00am Ah Weng sampai...we had a quick chit chat...biasalah kan...tetamu..kenalah layan sikit walaupun tau yang he have work to do....

5 rolls..and he worked really fast..alone tau because lagi sorang sakit...

ok lah..don't want to story too much...

tengoklah picture kat bawah ni,and u can compare with previous n3..before and after...and this is after...

later i'll do a comparison and also... step by step of Ah Mengs' work...

until then..njoy the picture...while im waiting for the clinic to open...demam and too much kahak...i know..i know...i've been having heavy puff nowadays...i'll try to reduce ek...

view from entrance

view from balcony

enjoy your weekend luvly people and be gut..

now i wonder whether i should do to my master bedroom..he he he..

luv u luvly people..


Friday, July 31, 2009

Die Fantastischen Vier - chisichisichisich

whats with today...

had this uneasy condition for past few days...the weather i guess is not really...i wud say not healthy..with all the haze...kejap hujan kejap panas..not complaining...but i guess it does give some effect on my health :)

...been feeling a little bit hotty ha ha ha..not that im HOT! dont think too far ja...badan rasa tak sedap...i know that im going to fall sick...its like 1 time event in a year when i have this teruk punya demam and what not...

take usual stuff..panadol..nothing more coz i dont rely much on medicine..for me panadol pun dah cukup...but maybe sebab i did'nt get enuff rehat...that at least contribute a little bit...

so..keadaanya sekarang not well...demam..batuk...and sikit sikit flu...H1N1? no lah...mana pulak i nak dapat benda tu..but who knows but if things got worsen..then i'll visit the doc for more details...i can't fall sick..can i? esok orang Lamex nak datang rumah pasang wallpaper...i must luk healthy and presentable ha ha ha...lain je bunyi nya kan :)

and friday alwasy been the busiest day... tengokalh meja tu..he he he..kata busy tapi sempat update blog :-

and kat bawah ni uols tengoklah my picture taken by nazkha and myself...

he he he..kelakarlah..2nd picture tu dah macam orang kerja hospi plak kan.. least now i have time to update my blog..not everyday..but adalah updatenya...

ok lah..back to work..banyak lagi offer nak kena settle..

enjoy ur wk'n luvly people and take care...

luv u

as usual..manggisboy signing off for this week..


Thursday, July 30, 2009

stadt by cassandra steen feat adel tawil

in 2 days....

i've been wanting to have another wall of my flat to be covered with wallpaper...well been wanting to have that for the whole haus :) and to have laminated floor...he he he...but lets just leave the 2nd dream on hold dulu...

been browsing some sites and whateverlah kan...and last sunday ( 19/07/2009 ) i went to lamex in ampang point...sempat singgah lagi ke something...and back again to Lamex...i've already knew what design i want ..even i have printed out the sample..he he he...and siap measure lagi the wall so its easier for them to kira berapa i have to pay kan....tak sabar sebenarnya...pukul 10 pagi hari sabtu diorang akan pasang...bestnyaaaaa...

ok are the wall that will changed in 2 days..suka nya i..he he he..

from entrance

from middle of the hall

from balcony

but for now..let me dream of the new wall ja...

njoy ur day luvly people

manggisboy is signing off once again :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

one saturday...2nd part...

ok..where we we...ermmm...ok...back to kereta yang dah siap...i took my sweet time...masih lagi mengemas rumah and what not and later on menapak to the workshop...berpeluh jugak..mana tidaknya...its 1 pm...had all things done...normal survey for 150km with fully synthetic oil..had my timing belt done...dan jumlah keseluruhannya..RM740.00...bayaq ajerlah..for my safety and who ever ride the car :)

had to zoom to my mum haus as ada date with my mum to go to car4 ampang...biasalah monthly event for grocery shopping...its a gut therapy for me...who says the economy is not gut? i saw people queing up and shopping like there's no tomorrow :)

5pm camtu settle lah shopping bersama my mum...then i got visitor coming to my flat...
kak liza and her sister datang and lepaking @ my flat sampai malam then we had dinner @ my usual kedai makan...i just luvvvvv the meehoon singapura here and the sayur cendawan also nice...

here are pictures of kak liza and her sister aka nini...

ok luvly people..thats all about one saturday...a very hectic but exciting one...

njoy your good and happy always...i guess we should not think much about our problems and whatnot..coz it only make you feel miserable..renung renungkan dan selamat beramal...

i need to change my layout of this blog..the guitar does'nt represent my feelings now he he he..

luv you happy people and be gut ja


manggisboy is signing off

Monday, July 27, 2009

one saturday...part 1

well i had planned what my saturday will be like xcept that one of the plan need to be moved to the next should write in malaylah...was reading klaus msges last of those is that he enjoyed reading it..and translate the bahasa to english for his understanding...well sorrylah ek..kena lah jugak tulis bahasa jugak kan...dah orang melayu kenalah tulis dalam bahasa melayu ek :)

my gen2 had passed its ..alamak..dah terbiasalah tulis dalam bahasa penjajah ni..he he he..ulang semula ek...

gen2 aku ni dah lebih kilometer dah..dah 156km dan aku sebenarnya dah terlepas by 5 ribu for the survice...biasanya aku pi pukul 8.30 sebab senang kawal awal..tapi disebabkan ada benda aku kena buat kat flat aku tu...macam tunggu baju habis basuh...kena lah aku pi pukul 9.05 pagi...tempat ni memang selalu aku pi untuk servis keta..proton punya franchise workwhop...cek punya cek..rupanya aku tak pernah tukaq timing belt..tu lah aku ni jenis main redah je keta tu...he he he...ingatkan nak tukar pakai fully synthetic minyak...tapi rupanya ada lagi yang kena tukar...ok lah..for my own safety dan sesiapalah kan..tukar je lah...kata budak workwhop tu..kena tunggu dalam 3 jam camtu...aiyoh! aku tak leh tunggu lelama kalau tak buat as usual...aku jalan kaki dari situ ke flat aku tinggal..slow walking @ 9.30am took me nearly 30 minutes to sampai kat flat...itu sebenarnya dah termasuk time berhenti kedai india..belek majalah..than berhenti jap kat kedai mamak sebab aku tak bekpest lagi..he he he...maggie goreng..tapi tak sedap lah....banyak kicap...

tengah aku syok mengemas rumah ( tak habis habis lagi babe ngemas rumah he he he )...pompuan kat workshop to called...

" keta u sulah siap..." kata minah mata sepet tu..he he he...
" ok ok..saya datang pukul satu" kata aku kat dia...

alamak..dah pukul 2.05pm..sambung kerja balik..

bersambung...he he he...

Friday, July 24, 2009

wats for wk'n?

really..i have so many things i guess to do this weekend..the main project is to find a wallpaper for my living area..found one..u may visit to Lamex website ..but here is the link anyway..just click on it LAMEX and u'll c my dream wallpaper..hope its going to be on the wall by next week :)

apart from them i have bigger task to do also this weekend..nak kemas my 2nd room and move the katil and what not to the 3rd room...the 2nd room will be turn to some sort like a store is not the wordlah..kinda bilik for me to keep all documents and whatnot...the 3rd room will be changed to guess room..ada guesskah? he he he..

next week pulak ada quiz for my mandarin class...QMT paper need to do revision...and suddenly i feel like i have so little time for myself..sigh...

but i guess its better to have your time filled with activities rather then ...nothing kan....

well..i think that is for now..banyak kerja lah nak kena buat...he he he..but i like it...( positive thinking ni..)

take care luvly people...

enjoy ur weekend :)

luv as always


Thursday, July 16, 2009

is there enuf time?

phew!!! been driving here and there and i think time is really too little for me to enjoy :).

Started my class already..and its two weeks now traveling from my office in Damansara to UITM kat Shah Alam. Always miss class by 15 minutes though..tried NKVE..its terribly jam during those rush hour...and this week i try NPE...same time...late by 15 minutes...but at least the traffic is not as bad as kat NKVE nun...

with work piling up...and the pressure is already there for juggling time between study and work..i guess i need another month to really settle between two...

at least..he he i have a little bit time to update my blog...lama ek...aku tak update..

ok lah...back to work..

take care luvly people


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the show...

world are indeed a big stage with actors..some are bad ..and the rest are angels...a lot of peristiwa yang boleh dijadikan pengajaran dan towards the end will be a history...and same with human being..we grow up not knowing what lies ahead for us..unless you really know what you want to be in the future then world will not be the best place to live in..its too predictable..

those unpredictable things always make your life more colorful and sometimes dull...

have you ever ponder what future have for you? hmmmm...i don't ..just live the day...everyday will always have surprises for me..though some are quite scary he he he..

nuff said...back to music videos..luv the song when i first saw it on some tv ad..and thanks to you's the music vid for you to relax and unwind whatever problem u might have...just remember ..its another problem..and you have a great future ahead of you...

Lenka - The Show

I'm just a little bit
caught in the middle
Life is a maze
and love is a riddle
I don't know where to go
I can't do it alone
(I've tried)
and I don't know why

Slow it down
make it stop
or else my heart is going to pop
'cuz it's too much
Yeah, it's a lot
to be something I'm not

I'm a fool
out of love
'cuz I just can't get enough

I am just a little girl ( well for boys you have to change this ja :) )
lost in the moment
I'm so scared
but don't show it
I can't figure it out
it's bringing me down
I know
I've got to let it go
and just enjoy the show

The sun is hot
in the sky
just like a giant spotlight
The people follow the sign
and synchronize in time
It's a joke
Nobody knows
they've got a ticket to that show

oh oh
Just enjoy the show
oh oh

dum de dum
dudum de dum

Just enjoy the show

dum de dum
dudum de dum

Just enjoy the show

I want my money back
I want my money back
I want my money back
Just enjoy the show

Monday, June 15, 2009

there is a time...

i mean there is a time when u think u have make a wrong decision but it turn out to be not so wrong..i've make quite a lot which i would say wrong decision...well it turn out to be wrong most of the time :) but i guess that would shape me to be what i am supposed to be..

but do you think you should be what people want you to be? i guess not..what really matters is you should be what you are happy to be...

sometimes you just can't get what you want but at least you have done somethingkan...the fact you tak dapat what you've been wanting to is different storylah..

yesterday i went for registration..can't believe that i will be a student i said..i've got to try this..i'm not the ulat buku type of orang ..but i have to challenge myself and do the best that i can...people can just say i have different agenda but that won't affect my decision...

n who knows all of the sudden i just quit my work and do....i don't know what lah...plan is there but i guess let me just dream of that 1st lah...

but for now..njoy the song kat bawah ni...can't get the official video as it has been taken out from you tube coz some violation lah and whatever lah...

take care people...though i dont say that i luv you but you know that i luv you..i dont say it that frequent coz it will only make it ...hmmmm..less meaningful..

Friday, June 5, 2009


when is the last time did i have chanse to update this blog? hmmmm...nearly 3 weeks kan... a lot of things happen in that period of time...gut..nice..sad...scary and all sorts of feeling..but i guess that makes life more interesting....

25/05/2009...he he birthday....celebrate it quitely..with some excellent and gut frens...did'nt expect things or present..i wanted it to be quite but having close frens around u...that makes it more private...

got a few hadiah..he he he...thank you frens...thanks to kak liza...kak and all those wishes from frens dear to my heart and from long distance wishes...i could not imagine those frens around me coz they are really true to my heart and understand me...thank you frens..and i doakan all of you gut health through out ur life...

banyak yang nak tulis kat sini..but kena balik...banyak kerja nak kena settle this week...hmmm...penat..but do i have choice? ada lah kot...but again....takpe lah....

wishing u all luvly people a wionderfu weekend and remember to luv your self before its too late..

njoy this luvly song from YUNA...very talented girl...

take care luvly people...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

dan selebihnya...

i've been having craving for don't know y..1st it was float...which..YAY!!! i got it...then all of a sudden teringin kfc plak....dapat jugak....and the day before yesterday teringin makan maggie plak..he he he...

as usual dinner @ my parent haus...lauk takleh cakaplah fav...kari...tapi mengenangkankan my craving of maggie mee...i had it sikit je...

reached home around 9.30pm...dengan tak mandi and watever..terus sediakan things to masak maggie...sebenarnya dah tak banyak barang for cook kat rumah ni...coz i don't on the phone with insan sederhana..then tetiba bawang goreng hangit...kih kih kih...but above all..puas hati lah that nite...dapat makan maggie... back to work...

loved you tonight

i've been a big fan of john west for a while now..but having his cd would be awesome coz u can't get his cd on the shelves...if u think Jason Mraz has it all..well this man should be given credit for his talent..

enjoy his vids...and many more if u'd like to watch him...

You're far far away from me
Don't know much about you
But I like what I see
We don't have to judge each other
We could just be
We could just breathe
Maybe wait and see
But in the meantime

Would you mind if I told you
I loved you tonight
Cuz it seems when you close to me
It's gonna be alright

Would you mind if I told you
I loved you just for tonight
Cuz it seems when you close to me
It's gonna be alright

We've been in love before
haven't we
But past loves like past lives
It seems to me
We don't have to fear this moment
We could go slow
See where this goes
Cuz you never know
But in the meantime

anyhow..have fun and luv urself ja people..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen Gelo

i've known gelo for the past 5 or 6 years ..whenever i visited klaus in darmstad she will either hide herself and sneaking out slowly and gives her purrrrr..fect greetings or she will not show herself for many days...and she always attracts me..because she had this kinda parkinson shivering thingy..and i like to kejar buat bunyi bising coz everytime she heard me doing that..kelam kabut she will larik..siap berguling guling lagi coz the floor is laminated wooden floor...

n for ther past few weeks she had some illnesses..maybe old sickness or something..until yesterday she had her final call peacefully in her sure gonna miss her whenever i visited klaus again...n to klaus..i know the feelings of losing something or somenone that have been part of your everyday lives...
but life have got to go on...

to gelo..this one is dedicated for you..may you find your journey to heaven an exciting one...

Auf Wiedersehen Gelo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

me and the real FLOAT :) @ last...

well @ last the craving for float..the REAL float that is finally over..zoom in str8 from office with pj A&W for lunch..we missed the way..tak tau plak dah tak leh enter the road..but to cut the agony of telling u yang kitorang pusing balik and reach the same place..he he he...FINALLY..i got my FLOAT ha ha ha..suka ...

me and the float he he he..

and here's what we ate there...

ok outta here...kekenyangan..and craving fullfilled :)

take care luvly people.


Monday, May 4, 2009

suddenly im craving for ice float...

was refuelling minyak yesterday lepas kursus @ Petronas petrol station and for ur u isi minyak u'll get a voucher of KFC meal...for only RM20++ lesser Rm3 sahaja from the normal combo..u'l get a bucket of 5 pieces of chicken, a potato wedges and 2 floats!!

and talking about this floats...punya lah i'm craving about it..betul betul craveing for it macam orang mengandung he he he..sampai rumah my parents..terus sms pada kengkawan yang perihatin..and some give good jawapan and some yang macam..ok...but anyhow thanks for the smsses...

talking about the float ni...kawan i kat shah alam yang dekat di hati jauh di mata tu kata a&w lagi he owe me that going to tuntut that one from u is...but we...the geminian ni kan very the creative lepas magrib i decided to pi kedai rostam...kedai near tu my mum and bought the ingredient for the float and u can c it down below..he he he..sedap lah..boleh menghilangkan craving tu...

he he cream ni pun jadik..yang penting ..vanilla

pepsi cola...he he he

well ni tumbler yang aku selongkar dalam lemari my mum

pepsi tadi jangan bubuh penuh sangat

ice cream vanilla choc tadi sebelum masuk dalam pepsi..makanlah sikit :)

campurkan kedua nya...

dan ini lah hasil nya...he he he

well don't compare mine version with the original A&W Float mcm kat bawah ni kan...yang penting esok nak makan A&W masa lunch....

ok lah happy people enjoy ur day ja..

luv uols...

an update on double birthday celebration...

it was pretty HOT!!! panasssss...cuaca lah that saturday (2/5/2009 ) but the atmosphere was calm..apa nih? hot but calm ? he he he...was doing some grocery shopping kat Giant Taman Connaught when mak called..

" Ngah , ko kat mane?"
" kat giant tmn connaught lah maaaak.." jawab aku...
" tolong beli apa apa untuk si zahra?" kata mak aku aku lagi...
bab ni yang aku malas ni...
" nak beli apa? kan ari tu dah beli beskal ..." jawab aku sambil memilih barang kat giant tu...
"ha ah..tak pe lah..cepat..cepat..dah kul 3 lebih ni"
aik..aku plak yang kena sound he he he...

well tak banyak barang yang aku beli...cukup stok kalau boring takde benda nak makan kat rumah aku...

sampai kat rumah mak aku..fetch abah and si intan ( adik aku )...

and the rest as shown kat bawah ni...not so much shot of picture..coz petang tu aku ngantuk plak he he he...

nice cup cake ni..i want it for my besday too :)

my sis in law punya fren..

pak ngah and the birthday boy, mohd razeen

me and the birthday girl, nur zahrah yasmin

alrite...thats all je lah yang aku rasa its ok to add in the blog..furthermore tak banyak pun picture yang aku snap..but the food was awesome!! sedaaaap!! he he he

oklah..nak sambung buat kerja..

take care luvly people...


Saturday, May 2, 2009

double birthday invitation

this afternoon i have birthday invitation ..guess who? its for celebrating Nur Zahra Yasmin 1st birthday ( 18/4/2009 ) ( well u might remember i had her n3 earlier ) and her brother 4th birthday ( 5/5/2009 )..

ok lah..pak ngah wish u two great futures and hope you will enjoy what future might offer u..take care zahra and razeen..


tomok the new OIAM champion

its really a rally between eshther and tomok..and finally ..guess who as predicted ..tomok emerged as champion..congrats lad..

here's his vid belting those excellent performance for you and me to enjoy...

1st song..aizat-hanya kau yang mampu..he really did extraordinary with different arrangement..a bit rockish...

and here's his new single...rindu terhenti..arrangement of the song..well kinda remind me Robbie Williams when he had his 1st album..anyhow..njoy the song..

thats all folks...take care..

Tomok - ingin bersamamu

well i never like much of Shafinaz or maybe her song is not radio friendly..thats y u did'nt hear much of her songs.. song but when tomok had her song his on style..i kinda like this version of tomoks' ..

well..luvly people..njoy the song..its very short but enjoy it anyway..

picture from the golfy tournament

As promised here are some of my picture..well some with the rest of the gang...

here's me..baru sampai..tgk mata pun bengkak lagi..he he he..tak cukup tidoq

sebelum buat kerja...kita makan dulu..bfnya adalah nasi lemak..sambalnya..memang ngetop!

ni masa lunch 2gether with the othe golfers..tgk lah makanan penuh semeja...

ni geng yang jadi committee golfy tahun ni

last picture lah ek...yang lelain tu banyak sangat gambaq golfers..gambaq aku..tetaplah nak baring :)

ok lah was a successful event..thou aku bukanlah yang terpenting kat situ..tapi jadi cameraman pun mencabar jugak he he he..

njoy ur weekend luvly people..

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Did i ever told u that the company that im working with had their Annual Golf Tourney last Sabtu, 25/04/2009? guess not aye..tak ingatlah..but the weather...pretty hot sun...but i just lurrrvvvvvvveee cuaca panas...ok jeh...gut ambience...gut food he he he..and gut location...but the golfers? not really gut ha ha ha..

here i made a collage for all not so important people 4 u to tengok ek..then later i'll do another n3 for myself lah of course and the rest of the gang..

alrite people...

take care and enjoy ur 1st May...hari buruh...remember lagi 24 hari tau...


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

july or september?

july is so significant as its the birth month of my mom....and september....nothing really he he he...but im in dilemma now....klaus asks me to join him for his summer holiday in between 27th june 09 till 12 july 09 or maybe someweeks later...or spring autumn..for a wedding in Germany on 5th september 09...

if ever i want to go then...the problem is the flite far AK has gut price but MAS has it all fly high in the sky..mahai...the option is open..any gut airline will do..but off course...provided kalau cukup ongkosnya lah ya Tuan Tuan dan Puan Puan..he he he....

as for now....let me just dream of going to both places..dream is cheap....tak payah bayar....he he he.....

Monday, April 27, 2009

ever wondered your Islamic Birthday...

i know i was born in a year of RAT in Chinese Calendar...i know also in Indian Astrology but i forgot ( nanti hangpa check n3 lama yang ada k ) but one things is missing...i don't know my Islamic Birthday!!! ( well maybe my abah ada bagitau kot..but never really ingat those things)

and while lepaking kat my desk ni..doing some work and layaning mata yang still mengantuk nih..all of a sudden aku just want to know what is my birthday in Islamic Calendar..and guess what..i found well..i guess reliable link..that not only tells u ur birthdate but also other informative materials...just click @ Islam.Com and u'll know ur Isamic Birthday and as for me i was born on 11 Rabiulakhir 1392 :)

Try and at least u know your Islamic birthday ja people..

Take care and be gut :)

minggu yang memenatkan

last week adalah minggu yang amat memenatkan..i guess mentally..which in a way affect me physically...tonnes of office work need to be cleared with specific deadlines but i guess work under stress really push one's limit and capability to the fullest...and saturday our company organized its 14th Annual Golf Tournament for its clients...

I'm not into golfing or any games which need you to be concentrate and at least precise..that is y dari sekolah lagi i dont' actually go into group games coz i dont have the time to wait for people..that is y i just love running...athletic...that is my game...well takde l ah sampai wakil negeri or wat not..but i just luv these sports..coming back to golfing..the trouble to waking up...sampailah habis the acara tu...eventhough gua punya lah ngantuk while waiting for each team to habis pukui bola..gua punya duty amik gambar @ president line...but its ok..nasib baik ada brader yang memang kerja kat sini lapak kat hut aku then kitorang berborak lah sampai kerja aku habis..

but above all kan..the climax of these "azab" ha ha "our" rombongan tu Stadium Melawati Shah Alam.."our" tu adalah me, lela, dd, nazman and ct...have gut time kat Metrojaya Clearance Sale ...he he he..did'nt buy anything except one checkers short sleeve shirt..wanted to buy pink tak jumpak..oh ja...maggie goreng kat Rafi Restaurant Shah Alam..memang sedap....he he he...

ok lah..penat dah nulih..nanti i'll put up some nice gambaq yang gua ambik on that luvly shining ( i just luv the weather...malaysia is very blessed with sun..tapi tunggu bila hujan..tu diaaaa..flash flood everywhere he he he)golfing day naaaa...

ok..i've got something else to write after this..

get back to work luvly people :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

renung renungkan..

was attending an IT briefing kat office semalam...its more like so briefly explained more like what the project will head to and wat not..n while im "layaning" the briefing..not giving my full attention pun...i had this so called 2009 note book aka diary from Takaful Ikhlas and while fliiping the page saw some very membina hadis hadis..n i guess i want to share it with u...

Daripada Anas r.a beliau berkata : Aku telah mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda :

" Allah Ta'ala berfirman :

Wahai anak Adam! Selagi mana engkau meminta, berdoa dan mengharapkan Aku, Aku akan ampunkan apa apa dosa yang ada pada dirimu dan Aku tidak peduli. Wahai anak Adam! seandainya dosa-dosamu banyak sampai mencecah awan langit kemudian engkau memohon ampun kepadaKU, nescaya Aku akan ampunkan bagimu. Wahai anak Adam! Sesungguhnya engkau, andainya engkau datang mengadapKU dengan dosa-dosa sepenuh isi bumi, kemudian engkau datang menghadapKU tanpa engkau mensyirikkan Aku dengan sesuatu, nescaya Aku akan mengurniakan untukmu keampunan sepenuh isi bumi

( Hadis riwayat al-Tarmidzi )

how's that struck me str8 in to heart that selama ini kita begitu alpa dan hanya menyerahkan diri kita kepadaNYA apabila kita berada didalam situasi yang tidak menyenangkan...dan melupakanNYA pabila kita didalam kesenangan...

renung renung kan dan selamat beramal..he he he...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

breakfast for today...

roti canai banjir

sandwich and Boh kurang manis...

close up..sandwich and BOH kurang manis :)

well i had two kinds of things this morning ... for breakfast lah...1st was roti canai...roti canai banjor actually...everyday except week'n lah ek...and the 2nd sandwich teluq by raisya...sedap ni minum plak ngan BOH kurang manis..lagi lah menarik...he he he..enjoy the picture though while i saok myself with the teh...bessstttt...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


n3 ni special for Insan myself orso confuse sebenarnya..he he he

njoy the teh tarikkurang manis though ..


wonderful and yummylicious breakfast i had this morning...fried fav tu..boleh tergolek golek makan meehoon ni...

thanks to my ever loveable sugar :)

and to complete that wonderful sarapan BOH kurang manis teh loving it...

ok..back to work...

ps : ada lagi meehoon tu...sayang nak habiskan..nak makan buat lunch he he he..i guess i should also show u wat i have for breakfast next time ek..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

gemini from the other side

there are gut vibes 4 xpanding ur horizon.

the vibes 4 2day will let u move more freely and do things u have long wanted 2 do..

* star, 21/4/2009 *

to hell lah ngan apa yang dorang tulis nih..but i really enjoyed reading it...

gemini today

there's a fine but definite line between promising situations, of which there are several at the moment, and those you can rely on.

because there are ver few of the latter, you must be careful about who and what you put first.

seductive as those promising ideas may be, they could just as easily fail as succeed.

- the sun, 21/4/2009 -

kesimpulannya :-

ntah..sepatah haram pakcik tak tau apa dia cakap he he he...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Zahra 1st birthday

its her 1st first birthday makan makan...only for family kitorang dad ( he's now too much into his HP biasalah orang tua..dok lah merecord vid :), my mum ( the ever miss usual she is like the host lah ..) , my other adik beradik ( my abang ipar tak dak plak...ada hal ) and the rest of the gang lah..

simple but once in a while gathering macam ni best gak...makan free...he he he...

and next in line for birthday is Zahras' Mohd Razeen on 5/5/2009..that makes him the same month like his pak ngah...but different horoscope...phew!!! legaaa....

until then...i still owe my sister her birthday present..and also for little zahra birthday present...

take care luvly people..and be gud


Saturday, April 18, 2009

happy birthday zahra....

its zahra's birthday yesterday..her 1st...this luvly beautiful creature is smart..happy ( of course lah kan ..she has nothing to worry except for her fud and susu he he he)...

full story and her 1st celebration will be held malam ni..which supposedly semalam..but everybody pun like party is tonite..

wait for the next n3 ja..i'll have her dedicated in this blog...

until then gud luvly people...i lapaq plak :)

take care and tchus


i just luv marcells' voice...specially listening to his song like later at nite..sitting on the sofa...with candle lite..doing nothing but admiring life and remembering all those 37 wonderfull years i have and hope for many more...

sharing with you this luvly song..i hope u'll like it...njoy :)

selalu berdua
itulah janjiku

hatiku terpaut padamu
sukaku adalah dirimu
bahagialah aku
saat ini

berdua kita tlah berjanji
selalu berjalan bersama
dari saat ini
selamanya oh

denganmu kuhidup
selalu berdua
itulah janjiku
setia padamu

kujaga dirimu
sepanjang hidupku
dalam tiap waktu
ku di sisimu

Tuhan lah yang staukan kita
karena semua inilah rencana Nya
apapun yang akan terjadi
di hadapan kita
selalu berserah kepada Nya

Kuhidup denganmu
selalu berdua
Itulah janjiku
setia padamu

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The love story of Ralph and Edna

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't
mean they don't love you with all they have.

Ralph and Edna were both patients in a mental hospital. One day while they
were walking past the hospital swimming pool. Ralph suddenly jumped into
the deep end.

He sank to the bottom of the pool and stayed there. Edna promptly jumped
in to save him. She swam to the bottom and pulled him out. When the Head
Nurse Director became aware of Edna's heroic act she immediately ordered
her to be discharged from the hospital, as she now considered her to be
mentally stable.

When she went to tell Edna the news she said, 'Edna, I have good news and
bad news. The good news is you're being discharged, since you were able to
rationally respond to a crisis by jumping in and saving the life of the
person you love. I have concluded that your act displays sound mindedness.

The bad news is, Ralph hung himself in the bathroom with his bathrobe belt
right after you saved him. I am so sorry, but he's dead.'

Edna replied, 'He didn't hang himself, I put him there to dry. How soon
can I go home?'

he he he...luv this one ( thanks semerah padi :) ..happy drying luvly people...don't dry yourself to death ja :)

what my sign says :)

had nothing to do yesterday so i browse my hp and just send the horoscope sign..and surprisingly there is tamil horoscope too and guess what ..mine fall under mithuna...u can find your tamil horoscope too by date of your birth...

lets see what are the sign says...


don't spend foolishly trying to impress the opposite sex. There are better things 2 do with your time and money. Be cautious.


To grasp hold of the pearl of prosperity, the RAT must take flight. Make today the day to commence your long journey towards the achievement of wealth.


If you have taken some loans, this period will give you chances to repay them back. Leaving or changing profession prove beneficial for u.

The indian horoscope are more realistic don't you think so..but Chinese Horoscope is too kinda mellow..not mellow lah...macam halus je bahasa nya he he he...and the English horoscope..hmmm..too much on relationshiplah :)

ok...time to work now...will update whenever i fell like doing it...

to Mr Schiller..hope you are happy with this n3..or u want more in Bahasa Melayu?

take care luvly people..

manggisboy is bz lah @ the moment :)


Saturday, April 11, 2009

i got summoned!

ha ha ha...luv the title :)

was having bf with my sugar :) @ devi's and tetiba not really tetiba lah..saw penguatkuasa DBKL making their round to bagi saman for those illegal parkers and that termasuk me lah..he he he..

wanted to move my gen2 but come to think again malas lah i just ignore lah..lagipun tak pernah lagi dapat saman dari DBKL..he he he..

monday nanti aku bayaq lah..

ok lah..

nak sambung buat business report he he report tau..bukan sebarang report..

take care and njoy ur weekend luvly people

bye from manggisboy


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