Friday, May 2, 2008

abid rizal & norzaliza

27th April 2008

my little brother, Abid Rizal with sekali lafaz dengan sahnya menjadi suami Norzaliza...

can u imagine...all this years he is THE baby boy in our family and now watching him taking his vow and now a husband....i could'nt stop the tears from fallin...

it was a beautiful sunny sunday..and acara berlangsung dengan begitu sempurna...

to my little brother, Abid Rizal..u ain't little boy anymore...luv u as always and my prayer to your new adventure of life...

waiting for the moment

alhamdulillah...sah sebagai suami dan isteri

family picture @ bride's majlis

Thursday, May 1, 2008

i'm back...again :)

its been a while now...i thot after the last updates i will have this blog updated in a daily basis kind a thing...but i was absolutely dush! wrong....

dunno where to find time but maybe with some allocation of 10 minutes i can update it on daily basis...kan?

well...whatever...he he he

i had one wall painted in red with stripes on top...wanted to had it all red...but i had this imagination of having a wallpaper...n u can c the outcome below...and thanks 2 ijam...things are not that difficult :)

gimme some comments ok..

this is before

and this is after


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