Thursday, May 14, 2009

dan selebihnya...

i've been having craving for don't know y..1st it was float...which..YAY!!! i got it...then all of a sudden teringin kfc plak....dapat jugak....and the day before yesterday teringin makan maggie plak..he he he...

as usual dinner @ my parent haus...lauk takleh cakaplah fav...kari...tapi mengenangkankan my craving of maggie mee...i had it sikit je...

reached home around 9.30pm...dengan tak mandi and watever..terus sediakan things to masak maggie...sebenarnya dah tak banyak barang for cook kat rumah ni...coz i don't on the phone with insan sederhana..then tetiba bawang goreng hangit...kih kih kih...but above all..puas hati lah that nite...dapat makan maggie... back to work...

loved you tonight

i've been a big fan of john west for a while now..but having his cd would be awesome coz u can't get his cd on the shelves...if u think Jason Mraz has it all..well this man should be given credit for his talent..

enjoy his vids...and many more if u'd like to watch him...

You're far far away from me
Don't know much about you
But I like what I see
We don't have to judge each other
We could just be
We could just breathe
Maybe wait and see
But in the meantime

Would you mind if I told you
I loved you tonight
Cuz it seems when you close to me
It's gonna be alright

Would you mind if I told you
I loved you just for tonight
Cuz it seems when you close to me
It's gonna be alright

We've been in love before
haven't we
But past loves like past lives
It seems to me
We don't have to fear this moment
We could go slow
See where this goes
Cuz you never know
But in the meantime

anyhow..have fun and luv urself ja people..

Monday, May 11, 2009

Auf Wiedersehen Gelo

i've known gelo for the past 5 or 6 years ..whenever i visited klaus in darmstad she will either hide herself and sneaking out slowly and gives her purrrrr..fect greetings or she will not show herself for many days...and she always attracts me..because she had this kinda parkinson shivering thingy..and i like to kejar buat bunyi bising coz everytime she heard me doing that..kelam kabut she will larik..siap berguling guling lagi coz the floor is laminated wooden floor...

n for ther past few weeks she had some illnesses..maybe old sickness or something..until yesterday she had her final call peacefully in her sure gonna miss her whenever i visited klaus again...n to klaus..i know the feelings of losing something or somenone that have been part of your everyday lives...
but life have got to go on...

to gelo..this one is dedicated for you..may you find your journey to heaven an exciting one...

Auf Wiedersehen Gelo

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

me and the real FLOAT :) @ last...

well @ last the craving for float..the REAL float that is finally over..zoom in str8 from office with pj A&W for lunch..we missed the way..tak tau plak dah tak leh enter the road..but to cut the agony of telling u yang kitorang pusing balik and reach the same place..he he he...FINALLY..i got my FLOAT ha ha ha..suka ...

me and the float he he he..

and here's what we ate there...

ok outta here...kekenyangan..and craving fullfilled :)

take care luvly people.


Monday, May 4, 2009

suddenly im craving for ice float...

was refuelling minyak yesterday lepas kursus @ Petronas petrol station and for ur u isi minyak u'll get a voucher of KFC meal...for only RM20++ lesser Rm3 sahaja from the normal combo..u'l get a bucket of 5 pieces of chicken, a potato wedges and 2 floats!!

and talking about this floats...punya lah i'm craving about it..betul betul craveing for it macam orang mengandung he he he..sampai rumah my parents..terus sms pada kengkawan yang perihatin..and some give good jawapan and some yang macam..ok...but anyhow thanks for the smsses...

talking about the float ni...kawan i kat shah alam yang dekat di hati jauh di mata tu kata a&w lagi he owe me that going to tuntut that one from u is...but we...the geminian ni kan very the creative lepas magrib i decided to pi kedai rostam...kedai near tu my mum and bought the ingredient for the float and u can c it down below..he he he..sedap lah..boleh menghilangkan craving tu...

he he cream ni pun jadik..yang penting ..vanilla

pepsi cola...he he he

well ni tumbler yang aku selongkar dalam lemari my mum

pepsi tadi jangan bubuh penuh sangat

ice cream vanilla choc tadi sebelum masuk dalam pepsi..makanlah sikit :)

campurkan kedua nya...

dan ini lah hasil nya...he he he

well don't compare mine version with the original A&W Float mcm kat bawah ni kan...yang penting esok nak makan A&W masa lunch....

ok lah happy people enjoy ur day ja..

luv uols...

an update on double birthday celebration...

it was pretty HOT!!! panasssss...cuaca lah that saturday (2/5/2009 ) but the atmosphere was calm..apa nih? hot but calm ? he he he...was doing some grocery shopping kat Giant Taman Connaught when mak called..

" Ngah , ko kat mane?"
" kat giant tmn connaught lah maaaak.." jawab aku...
" tolong beli apa apa untuk si zahra?" kata mak aku aku lagi...
bab ni yang aku malas ni...
" nak beli apa? kan ari tu dah beli beskal ..." jawab aku sambil memilih barang kat giant tu...
"ha ah..tak pe lah..cepat..cepat..dah kul 3 lebih ni"
aik..aku plak yang kena sound he he he...

well tak banyak barang yang aku beli...cukup stok kalau boring takde benda nak makan kat rumah aku...

sampai kat rumah mak aku..fetch abah and si intan ( adik aku )...

and the rest as shown kat bawah ni...not so much shot of picture..coz petang tu aku ngantuk plak he he he...

nice cup cake ni..i want it for my besday too :)

my sis in law punya fren..

pak ngah and the birthday boy, mohd razeen

me and the birthday girl, nur zahrah yasmin

alrite...thats all je lah yang aku rasa its ok to add in the blog..furthermore tak banyak pun picture yang aku snap..but the food was awesome!! sedaaaap!! he he he

oklah..nak sambung buat kerja..

take care luvly people...


Saturday, May 2, 2009

double birthday invitation

this afternoon i have birthday invitation ..guess who? its for celebrating Nur Zahra Yasmin 1st birthday ( 18/4/2009 ) ( well u might remember i had her n3 earlier ) and her brother 4th birthday ( 5/5/2009 )..

ok lah..pak ngah wish u two great futures and hope you will enjoy what future might offer u..take care zahra and razeen..


tomok the new OIAM champion

its really a rally between eshther and tomok..and finally ..guess who as predicted ..tomok emerged as champion..congrats lad..

here's his vid belting those excellent performance for you and me to enjoy...

1st song..aizat-hanya kau yang mampu..he really did extraordinary with different arrangement..a bit rockish...

and here's his new single...rindu terhenti..arrangement of the song..well kinda remind me Robbie Williams when he had his 1st album..anyhow..njoy the song..

thats all folks...take care..

Tomok - ingin bersamamu

well i never like much of Shafinaz or maybe her song is not radio friendly..thats y u did'nt hear much of her songs.. song but when tomok had her song his on style..i kinda like this version of tomoks' ..

well..luvly people..njoy the song..its very short but enjoy it anyway..

picture from the golfy tournament

As promised here are some of my picture..well some with the rest of the gang...

here's me..baru sampai..tgk mata pun bengkak lagi..he he he..tak cukup tidoq

sebelum buat kerja...kita makan dulu..bfnya adalah nasi lemak..sambalnya..memang ngetop!

ni masa lunch 2gether with the othe golfers..tgk lah makanan penuh semeja...

ni geng yang jadi committee golfy tahun ni

last picture lah ek...yang lelain tu banyak sangat gambaq golfers..gambaq aku..tetaplah nak baring :)

ok lah was a successful event..thou aku bukanlah yang terpenting kat situ..tapi jadi cameraman pun mencabar jugak he he he..

njoy ur weekend luvly people..


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