Friday, August 22, 2008

Hi again


Its been a while kan since i ever update this blog....thot of doing it everyday but i guess so much things happen lately...i got myself a very relaxing and mind blowing travelling in europe ..agaiiiinnn!!! went to Langkawi with my family and again to langkawi with my housemate and the queen! ha ha ha...

Will have all the picture here soon for you to admire...wah! admire ek ha ha ha.....

my little nephew never likes me..everythime i hold her she just stare @ me and give this sour face and cry...very funny thogh she only cry when i hold her but not to others :)

ok time to continue doing office work...he he he..jahat kan misused company facilities for personal used...ha ha ha..

ok people

luv yourself before others do...and like always...keep smiling ja

take care


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